Blog About Your Coaching Business and Increase Your Earnings

Having just a business website is not enough when you’re trying to grow your coaching business. Experts agree that adding a blog would certainly make a huge difference. You can use this platform to talk about updates or recent issues in your niche using conversational, relaxed tone. This can also serve as the channel for feedback and suggestions for your prospects. It’s worth knowing that research suggests this; people who end up buying coaching programs check at least 5 blogs before they make a purchase to ensure that they’ll get their money’s worth or that they’ll sign up with the right coach.

Here’s how you can start your blog for your coaching business:

Choose a platform. There are basically two blog platforms that you can choose from; free and paid. Using them have both pros and cons. I suggest that you weigh these before you make a decision. If you want absolute control over your blog, then go with paid ones. If you want something that is easy to use and wouldn’t cost you a penny, free platforms like WordPress or blogspot will do the job for you.

Think of an attractive name for your blog. You need to give it your best shot when giving your blog a name for obvious reason. People who hear this must easily figure out what your company is about and what you’re selling. You would also want to use keywords so your blog will show up on relevant search page results.

Design your blog. Although you can use templates to easily get started, I would suggest that you invest on getting your blog designed by the experts. The overall feel of your blog will play a crucial role in getting people to trust you. Make it visually appealing but ensure that it’s not overly complicated. Your visitors must easily find the buttons that they need to click to get the exact information they need.

Content is the king. The quality of your content is what will make your blog succeed or fail. Before you write, remind yourself that your goal here is to impress your visitors and position yourself as an expert in your niche. So, using mediocre content is not an option. Make your blog posts not only useful and informative but unique and interesting to read as well.

Regular updates is a must. It’s important that you update your blog regularly. You need to offer something new every so often so you can get your visitors to come back. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to write a new blog post everyday. You can post informative videos, interview an expert, or you can provide links related to your niche and give your personal take. Shouldn’t take an hour of your time everyday.
Permit comments. Encourage your visitors to post comments on each of your blog posts. It’s important that you know what they think to easily figure out if you’re on the right track. Also, take this as an opportunity to establish direct communication with these people so you can easily get them to like and trust you.

Online Business and Offline Business – How Different Are They?

Online business seems tremendously different from offline business at first glance. Some of the advantages that online business offers include the following:

1. Online business requires less start-up investment, and the maintenance costs are low. Anyone who can afford a domain name and a hosting server can start an Internet business.

2. Online business can leverage exponentially on systems. You can literally work with the global market, and your system can sell for you 24/7.

3. A one-man business can grow to a million-dollar asset, through outsourcing and integration.

However, when you consider this issue more deeply, online and offline businesses share many common features.

1. Business success depends on the relationship with customers.

At the fundamental level, online business still deals with people. It is the long-term relationship between you and your audience and customers that determines your success. You still need to strive for a positive connection with them by getting personal, being reliable, being consistent, etc.

2. You still need to sow first and reap later.

Unless you make your online income by trading your skills, you have to work persistently for a while, typically 6 months, before you can wake up and count your money earned overnight. Successful Internet marketers are those who have the desire to succeed and are willing to work, even though there is no instant fruit to enjoy.

3. Your products still need branding.

People buy brands online just as they do offline. Products with good positioning are still at an advantage. A product must prove its credentials by being associated with experts or through proven results.

The Internet has changed the world, but consumption psychology remains the same, and some old rules that bring success to traditional businesses still apply to Internet businesses. With this mentality, we will be able to manage our businesses more successfully.

Local Business Advertising – Small Businesses and Online Advertising

Many businesses, both large and small, spend abundance on advertising on newspapers and other local business advertising. Even more money is spent when it comes to advertising on a popular channel on TV. Yet, many businesses aren’t aware or simply ignore the fact that the internet is a very powerful marketing tool with many benefits and little costs.

The main benefit of online advertising is its price. Typically, the form of online advertising that is most often used is pay-per-click. This is where a company pays a certain amount of money whenever an ad is clicked on. Doing large advertising campaigns may become a little pricey, but it is often nothing when compared to the amount paid for television advertising. The price of online advertising is brought lower every day, which means less money spent by businesses trying to market their products and services.

Online advertising can be easily targeted to ensure better results. You can make it where a different advertisement will be shown to potential customers on a gardening site than on a gaming site. Advertisements that are more relevant to a person are more likely to entice. This means more people clicking on your advertisements, and more people purchasing your products and services, or at least being aware of them.

Most offline advertising is limited to only local business advertising. Or, the advertising may only show during specific times. Yet, online advertising is shown to potential customers and clients every day at every time of day. It doesn’t matter if these potential customers live in the USA or if they live in China. Because of this, you will find that more people are being exposed to your products. You will also receive a wider variety of customers or clients with different personalities and interests.

For small businesses that don’t have much money to invest in advertising, they can easily use email marketing to garner more customers or clients. Email marketing is where companies send useful emails that both inform the reader and entice the reader into purchasing their products or services. Companies may need to hire someone to write emails that encourage converts, but other than that, there are no other major costs.